TuffTrak® xl+

TuffTrak XL+TuffTrak® XL+ one of the largest of the TuffTrak® series, extending the features of the TuffTrak® XL by incorporating an overlap connection system to firmly lock adjacent mats together providing faster installation and increased strength. TuffTrak® XL+ is designed as an extra strong, extra wide roadway, manufactured as a solid one piece 4090 mm long composite mat to provide superior support for loads of up to 150 tons.

TuffTrak® XL+ incorporates a dual grip design featuring our chevron traction® surface, and a low profile surface on the reverse both incorporating micro traction™ to further increase grip. This substantially improves mud dispersal and forward motion of vehicles making the TuffTrak® XL+ ideal for use in the most challenging weather and ground conditions.

  • High Molecular Weight / Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene blend
  • Chevron traction® surface nub design for maximum grip
  • One piece solid construction provides superior strength
  • Extra wide roadway to maximise trackways and work pads
  • Overlap connection system firmly locks adjacent mats together
  • Robust Four3™ stubby camlock connector
  • 8 connection points, allowing multiple configurations
  • Load bearing capacity up to 150 tons*

TuffTrak® XL+ is an extra wide heavy duty ground protection solution specially incorporating a 200 mm overlap system perfect for use as a trackway or workpad. Manufactured from High Molecular Weight / Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, it has a load bearing capacity of up to 150 tons.*

Material: High Molecular Weight / Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

  • 4090 mm x 2045 mm x 47 mm
  • Usable surface area 7.2 m2
  • Weight 297 kg
  • Pure compressive load capacity 150 tons*
  • 60 mats per truck / 50 per 40 ft container
  • Four3™ stubby connector
  • Chevron traction® surface

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TuffTrak XL+
TuffTrak XL+
TuffTrak XL+