TuffTrak TerraRoad®TerraRoad® has been specifically designed to deliver the lightest weight, heavy duty trackway panel system, providing temporary roadways and working platforms for heavy plant, machinery, and vehicles.

The specially engineered surface, featuring our distinctive traction design, creates an impressively stable grip. The grey topped panels are very visible and absorb much less heat in warm conditions than dark coloured mats. Incorporates four metal lifting points and due to its light weight design of only 206 kg, 5 panels can be lifted at one time for quick deployment. TerraRoad® is connected using a 240 mm overlap with 5 built-in camlock connectors, providing a seamless connection and a monolithic roadway.

Its unique, patented, conical underside delivers incredible strength, acting as natural stabilisers even when the ground is wet or on sand. The uniquely designed recesses fill up to a maximum of ₂ ⁄₃ of their depth making the roadway extremely stable. The shape ensures that there is no vacuum effect when lifting and dirt is pushed out of the panels for clean and easy removal.


  • High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene Copolymer
  • Distinctive traction surface design for maximum grip
  • Strengthened 240 mm overlap
  • Unique conical underside providing an extremely strong but lightweight solution
  • Robust built-in patented camlock connectors
  • 5 fixing points per mat, allowing multiple configurations
  • Lightest weight of just 206 kg
  • Specially designed for roadways and work pads
  • Ramps available to ease access onto the panels


  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Utilities
  • Transmission
  • Infrastructure
  • Military Sites
  • Events

Material: High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene Copolymer with patented high speed properiety moulding process.


  • 3050 mm x 2240 mm x 83 mm
  • Usable surface area 6 m2
  • Weight 206 kg
  • Pure compressive load capacity 600 psi*
  • 96 mats per truck / 83 per 40 ft container
  • Distinctive traction surface

Download TerraRoad Product Overview, Specs and Sizes.

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TuffTrack TerraRoad®
TuffTrack TerraRoad®
TuffTrack TerraRoad®
TuffTrack TerraRoad®
TuffTrack TerraRoad®
TuffTrack TerraRoad®