GonzOil and Safety-Box Team with ODNR to plug orphaned oil well in Lakewood, Ohio

Safety-Box partnered with GonzOil to provide 140 MegaDeck composite mats for an ODNR orphaned oil well project at a historic Lakewood residence on the Lake Erie Shore. Read how GonzOil used the MegaDeck mats to safely complete the project on time and on budget while minimizing restoration costs.

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MegaDeck composite mats from Safety-Box on truck

Ongoing construction in the heart of the campus at Oberlin College caused some concern as to what the heavy construction equipment would do to the beautiful campus. Safety-Box Corp. supplied 40 panels of MegaDeck composite matting to Cleveland Interior Demolition and the Marous Brothers to allow them to easy access the school grounds while minimizing the potential restoration costs.

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North Coast Harbor article

Safety-Box brought its engineering expertise to the recently completed infrastructure enhancements near the Rock Hall to support current and future development of residential, retail and entertainment space on the East Ninth Street Pier and the North Coast Harbor.

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Rising Steel Prices article

With rising steel prices, renting your steel road plate is the easiest way to maintain your bottom line and avoid costly purchases of new plate.

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Renting Saves Time and Money

Safety-Box owner David Loveman runs down ways renting can make you more productive and reduce costs on your jobsite.

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5 Job Site New Years Resolutions

With each new year, we reflect on the past year and plan for the year ahead. We resolve to make changes to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. Making resolutions for your business is just as important. Here are 5 suggested resolutions for your job sites for 2019.

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More Projects

Safety-Box's clients range from small construction firms to large institutions. Here is a list of our clients and some of the projects that have used Safety-Box's products. As a leader in special design applications, Safety-Box's clients range from small construction firms to large institutions, as well as government agencies. Following is only a small sample of our clients and projects that have used Safety-Box's construction safety products. For more information on what we can do for your project, call our team today.

  • Medical Mart (Cleveland, Ohio) – June 2011- May 2012
    26 pcs. 1” x 8’ x 20’ Steel Road Plates
  • Inner Belt Bridge (Cleveland, Ohio) – February 2012
    31 pcs. 1” x 8’ x 10’ and 7 pcs. 1” x 8’ x 20’ Steel Road Plates
  • Marathon Oil Refinery (Canton, Ohio) – March 2010 Ð May 2011
    105 pcs. 1” x 8’ x 20’ Steel Road Plates
  • Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, Ohio) – June 2011
    6” x 8’ x 24’ Double Wall Safety-Boxes with 12’ Spreaders & 1” x 8’ x 10’ Steel Road Plates
  • Sewer Interceptor Relief Project (Cleveland, Ohio) – February 2010 - December 2010
    40’ x 40’ x 40’ Tunnelling Pit utilizing Steel Beams and Sheet Piling
  • NASA (Cleveland, Ohio) – January 2007
    Custom Design Pit Application utilizing 6” x 8’ x 24’ Double Wall Safety-Boxes, 16’ Spreaders & 50’ Beams
  • Steel Mill (Cleveland, Ohio) – June 2004
    20’ long x 20’ wide x 12’ high 4-Sided Pit Application utilizing 4” x 8’ x 20’ and 4” x 4’ x 20’ Double Wall Safety-Boxes with End Corner Panels
  • Case Western Reserve University – Supplied DURA-BASE® matting for staging and equipment areas, external portable bridging, and custom designed internal bridging used during the 2004 Vice Presidential debates.